There’s no hiding it – the pandemic put job hunting in a strange place. The hiring process has had to adapt along with it. Our call center recruiters have been picking up what is working best as they meet with future talent. We asked what tips they have for job hunters who are navigating this new normal and preparing for everything virtual: interviews, introductions and job offers.

Mauricio Menendez

How do you get ready for a phone interview?

“Learn about company culture, do your research and ensure you have a good understanding of what the role expects from you. Ask your recruiter the name of the Hiring Manager who will be interviewing you so you can address them by name. Although you can’t be seen, smile! Before the interview, make sure you’re in a location with good reception, have your phone fully charged and keep your resume in hand.”

Melvin Mason


What are your tips for doing video interviews (live or recorded)?

“Prep in the mirror before the interview so you can get comfortable. Keeping your webcam at eye level will help you maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Dress appropriately – professionally or casually. Make sure the lighting is in front of you so the interviewer can clearly see your face. Finally, remove any distractions and keep the space behind you clear of paintings or messy items.”

Maria Pereira

mariaWhat are tips that you would provide to job seekers?


COVID-19 has changed everything for everyone. Learn to network online. Develop a connection with the interviewer and show what you know about the company. Do your homework and be prepared. Take some time to boost your skills to make yourself more marketable. Be Ready and BE on time (that means early).

Emily Lotti

What are the best questions you can ask the hiring manager to really understand the role?

These are my top questions to ask the hiring manager during an interview because they regard the best interest of the candidate and the company, and together those two things help us win as one.

  • What are the qualities of someone who succeeds in this role?
  • To better understand how this role lends to the company’s overall success, can you tell me more about what the day-to-day looks like?
  • In what ways can this role contribute to my future growth within the company?
  • Can you tell me more about what the team culture is like?
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