We admit it – here at AT&T, we have a bit of a competitive streak. And no one shows off our winning spirit better than our Call Center teams. From video game tournaments to incredible outdoor fun, our Call Center roster is stacked with champions. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the #LifeAtATT game tape:

They chair-ish their victories.

Take a seat, Audra. You earned it.

Small setbacks don’t get them down.

You’ve got this, Kenny.

They snap celebratory selfies.

Because big wins deserve to be documented.

The office is basically a TV game show.

Bet you didn’t think payday could get any better.

They’re experts with a game controller.

The office that games together stays together.

Call Center employees aren’t afraid to get their hands (or faces) dirty.

Fact: Victory is, indeed, sweet.

Champions get their own wall of fame.

Looking good, guys.

They wear their wins proudly.

Team Xtreme went for the gold. And they got it.

The winning doesn’t stop once they’ve left the office.

This team keeps the games going after hours.

Most importantly, they cheer each other on.

Like all great teams do.

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