Everyone deserves an environment where they are safe to be themselves. Whether they’re going out for a run, shopping, or spending the night with their loved ones. That fundamental belief has fueled our value, stand for equality, since our early years.

That’s why, at the beginning of June, our people took action. Whether it was on social media, in the stores where they work, or on the streets – AT&T employees spoke out to make a difference. Standing up for what’s right is in their nature, and this was another step in the long road towards making racial equality a reality for everyone. We’re sharing some of their thoughts, perspectives and takeaways on what it means for them to stand for equality.

How are you supporting racial equality?

We asked our employees how they are educating themselves and fighting for racial equality. The number of answers were overwhelming; it’s difficult to pick only a handful. Here is just a peek of what they accomplished in a few weeks.

“A few days ago, I posted about complacency regarding racism being unacceptable in my neighborhood Moms’ Facebook group. That post spurred action and soon I found myself planning a peaceful vigil for my non-diverse neighbors. In just 3 days, 4 moms got a crowd of about 150 people to take a knee and light a candle in memory of all those who lost their lives due to racial injustice and inequality. Now that’s teamwork! #BLM”

– Zainab

“I am proud of the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative we started in the Technology Development Program. We have heart to heart and often uncomfortable conversations around racial inequities, injustice, unconscious bias with recent college graduates each month. These conversations are educational, therapeutic, and much needed. My grandmother led rent strikes and protested housing and racial injustice in the city of St. Louis. I will forever fight for equality, peace, and unity! Thank you AT&T!”

– Ebony

“I’ve learned that as a white person who hates racism and bigotry, that it’s time for me to prove it. People of color have been actively fighting this for hundreds of years, but it takes ALL OF US to get involved. I’m going to continue to learn, to educate, to protest, and most of all, to VOTE very carefully at every level from local to Federal to ensure this hatred ends. Please join me. Make your vote count. We must not lose this fight.”

– Deborah

“I did peacefully protest in Chicago (Union Park). Racial equality has been elusive for many years. I have learned that many of our young people are refusing to follow the status quo. When BLM is ever mentioned, I do not like the comeback with, “All Lives Matter”. CLEARLY All lives matter… I will leave this example: If you go to see your doctor with a broken bone, would you want him to lecture you about how “all bones matter”, as you’re writhing in pain? Thank you, AT&T, for standing up.”

– Earl

Your first protest

For many people, joining a protest for the first time can feel daunting. These employees shared their experiences and what inspired them to become part of a larger movement towards equality.

“It felt like being part of the change and not just watching from the sidelines.” – Paul Trapani

“As days went by, I started to see more peaceful protests across the U.S. and the world. In my mind I thought, ‘These are the types of protests I want to be a part of.’”
– Keysha Bradley

Solidarity from our stores

There’s no shortage of creative talent from our retail teams, and they put their skills to good use in showing their support. Check out just some of the beautiful murals these artists put together.


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Keeping the conversation going

We handed the social media spotlight over to our employees who shared their perspectives on racial inequality today. Hear what they have to say, both on the past and how to pave a new way towards the future.

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