Meet Dawn Cordero, HACEMOS – National President

My name is Dawn Cordero, I am a third generation Ukrainian/Czech-American and proud AT&T employee. It may seem odd to be included in a piece about our HACEMOS Employee Group but my love for this culture surrounds me every day. It’s a part of who I am and let me tell you why.

During high school, I was afforded the opportunity to visit Mexico as an exchange student. The welcoming Mexican community, the people, the sense of familia, and don’t get me started on the food, are the things that drew me in so tightly. This experience was the basis of my major in Spanish foreign language and the beginning of what would become a lifelong embrace.

While out dancing with friends at a Latin club, I met my husband who immigrated to the United States from Mexico when he was 24. At the time, my children were 8 and 9, both fluent in Spanish and both of Mexican Heritage. My soon-to-be husband was impressed that we spoke Spanish in our home, attended Spanish mass, and understood some of the significant celebrations of the Mexican culture, such as La Virgin de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe) and Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). We even had a Quinceañera for my eldest daughter’s 15th birthday.

Soon after we married, we decided to expand our family and adopted two girls who are Mexican and Cuban. Their birth mother wanted us to raise them as we have raised our older children, with the understanding of their roots. The Mexican roots were easy, we had that one, but the Cuban culture, though still Latino, was different. So, we embarked on a new learning experience through books, cultural events, and again food.

Our culture and background, no matter our descent, are part of our uniqueness. It is the foundation for shaping many aspects of our lives including the principles and morals we live by.

Meet Alex Barreto, HACEMOS – Executive Vice President – Operations

I’m Alex Barreto, HACEMOS National EVP of Operations. My journey began in 2004 at SBC/AT&T as a Sales and Service Representative, and I’ve held various leadership roles. In 2014, my family and I moved to Atlanta, GA, where I continued with Cricket Wireless. A 2018 graduate of the Management Development Program, I’m now a Senior Project Program Manager, handling vendor relationships and communication on Cricket’s learning platform.

Originally from Connecticut and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve always been involved in community groups. I served as Executive Assistant to the President for Aspira of New York, reflecting my commitment to service. As a devoted father of 5, I strive to be a role model for my family and community, valuing leadership, integrity, humility, and empathy.

In Atlanta, I continued community work with HACEMOS, serving as VP of Membership and Southeast Regional President. Initiatives included the Tent City project, the HACEMOS Atlanta Scholarship 5K run/walk, and back-to-school drives. Now, as National EVP, I collaborate with 7000+ HACEMOS members across 35+ chapters, leading events like High Tech Day and networking events. I was honored as one of Georgia’s 50 Most Influential Latinos by GHCC.

Proud of my Puerto Rican heritage and as a Nyorican, I cherish family time, road trips, and home projects. An avid “foodie,” I love culinary experiences, especially arroz con pollo. My journey reflects unwavering commitment to excellence and positive role modeling.

Our Culture Unites Us

Our stories are different, but not unfamiliar. One of the major benefits that HACEMOS has provided us is a circle of connections who share our experiences.

Today, as leaders of HACEMOS, the Hispanic/Latino Employee Group (EG) at AT&T, we work together on initiatives that provide our members with the foundation to learn and understand. With 36 chapters and 8,000+ members across the country, HACEMOS is among the largest EG’s nationwide.

Through our scholarships, STEM projects, and member development, we’re not only helping our employees prepare for the future, but we are also teaching and supporting our community. Our award-winning Latino Talks provide a virtual platform for candid conversations not only for our members but those in the community who want to talk about their experiences. We talk about our differences and our similarities. It’s through our understanding of our culture that allows us to create such initiatives that propel Latinos in their career paths, impact business in our communities, and leverage resources to continue leading the next generation of leaders.

HACEMOS isn’t just an acronym, it’s a word, it’s a verb. It means “we do” – Together we do more. It’s an action. The Latino culture is diverse in our language, our appearance and characteristics, our traditions, and even our food. Here at HACEMOS, we do more to teach one another and learn from one another.

There is a Spanish word, dicho (wise words): “Caras vemos, corazones no sabemos,” which loosely translates to “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We encourage you to look beyond what you know today and explore the diverse Latino culture we celebrate during Hispanic Heritage month and throughout the year.

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