It’s no surprise that social distancing has had a huge impact on many of our day-to-day routines. Those of us who can, are now working from home. While we’ve enjoyed the extra time with family and pets, let’s face it – some of us are feeling a little bit of the cabin fever settling in. Our training team had some fun with the extra energy they had in the day to make a useful video on how to stay focused (and sane) while working from home.

Our leaders have also been sharing advice to help us all adapt to a new normal. Check out some of their tips below and see how you can integrate them to stay productive in the living room.

Create the right workspace

You might feel cabin fever settling in from being in the living room all day. By setting clear boundaries (for any kids or pets who need them) and flexing a little bit of creativity, you can recreate the same atmosphere as your office or favorite study spot at home. Vice President of Business Voice and Collaboration, Rich Shaw Jr., believes building the right workspace can help outline a separation between work and home life.

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It can be difficult to unplug when you’re at home. We may be a technology company, but we know how important it is to dedicate time away from the screen. Senior Vice President of our Global Business Unit, Zee Hussain, recommends meditation to help stay grounded and find that precious quiet time for your mind.

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Stay Connected

Helping people stay #ConnectedTogether is in our DNA, we’ve been doing it since 1885. While physical distancing is incredibly important, you can (and should!) still keep socially close with friends and family members. Chief Sustainability Officer Charlene Lake encourages us to stay connected with our loved ones and communities through the many apps available.

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Take Care of Yourself

Even under normal circumstances, it can be easy to get caught up in day-to-day duties. Step back and take a breath. CEO of AT&T Business Anne Chow encourages us to focus on what we can control. That can mean small changes to your schedule or even the food you eat. Doing so can help you set limits, avoid unnecessary stress and, most importantly, stay healthy.

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Whether you’re adapting to working from home or navigating a job hunt, remember that personal change is incremental. You may not settle into your new routine right away, and may even have some “off” days, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. After all, everyone else is going through a similar journey.

Our people continue working hard to keep their communities connected during this time. Interested in joining the team? Click below to see what our people are doing to make a difference, and how you can start a new opportunity with them.

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