We’re always planning for an ever-changing world, and change isn’t always easy. Recently, our people in jobs that can be done from home were directed to do so in response to COVID-19. Working from home can come with some nice perks: no commute, unlimited coffee, and fresh lunches. It can also come with challenges such as communication, time management, and for parents – keeping the kids busy.

As our people transitioned to a new normal, we asked them to introduce us to their furry officemates and they did not disappoint! These coworkers may be oblivious to the digital revolution, but when it comes to emotional support – they’re best in class. Ready to meet them?

First, the barkers

They yell at the mailman and won’t stop poking their noses into your business. These coworkers can be a handful, but one look at those puppy-dog eyes makes it all worth it.

Percy, who missed the memo on social distancing, checks in on his owner.

Feeling overwhelmed? Riley believes in you!

Believe it or not, some of these coworkers have already adapted to the virtual lifestyle. Their conference call etiquette still needs some work, though.

Tillie is a great listener, even if she forgets to mute herself.

Archer, meanwhile, forgets he’s on camera. (Don’t worry, Kevin takes good notes.)

Some just can’t get down with the 9-to-5 schedule.

Someone forgot their morning coffee.

Why is the rug snoring?

Next, the catty ones

Not all of the new coworkers play fetch. Some enjoy the simpler things in life – lounging, chasing mice, and lounging again.

Charlie may not be a dog, but that never stopped him from enjoying a short walk (with appropriate social distancing!)

Where does one end and the other begin? Best not to think about it.

It’s important to dedicate a space specifically for work. These two seem to be on the same wavelength.

Finally, the oddballs

True innovation comes from bringing your true self to the workplace. Sometimes that means sticking out from the crowd.

Edgar Allan Poke is new on the job, looking spooked is a little natural.

They may be stubborn, but this team is all ears during conference calls.

We’re thankful for everything our people (and their furry companions) are accomplishing in keeping customers and communities connected as they work from home. Learn more about what AT&T employees are doing at home and out in the field to keep their communities connected.

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