In my experience with leadership and overall way of life, I have learned two fundamental truths:

  • A leader must place value on the concept of “Service Above Self.”
  • “One Profits More Who Serves Best:” the more you serve others, the more you will gain.

Service Above Self

You can tell when a person is truly dedicated to service. You see it in their actions and their personality. I would describe it as a glow or aura.

My Grandmother, Viola Bazan is a true example of this. After retirement, she served the Corpus Christi Independent School District for more than 20 years as a Classroom Granny. Each year she was awarded multiple accolades and shown recognition for her impact. In seeing this firsthand and watching her get rewarded, I don’t remember her saying anything other than “Thank You” with a huge smile and a humble heart. To her, the purpose for volunteering was solely because a person is called to help others or as she would share with me, “You can’t help everyone, but you can help someone.”

During a discussion with an AT&T mentor, I was asked what I stood for. The question threw me for a loop and she could tell I did not have a firm straightforward answer. She reassured me by letting me know I did not have to answer the question right then, but she would certainly follow up! I thought very hard about this question and was bothered that I did not have a concise answer.

I understood by my own account that most leaders I knew volunteered habitually. I recalled the attention and opportunities awarded to my grandmother. I had always heard the term Servant Leader but was not sure if I indeed was one. It was then that I joined an AT&T Employee Group in order to participate in more service projects and establish relationships with like-minded individuals. 

One Profits Most Who Serves Best

Volunteering is not always fun. At times it can be downright tough. You dedicate time, money, and sometimes you may ask if it is worth it. Therefore, it is important to find a cause or organization that most aligns with your desire to serve.

I joined our employee group HACEMOS in 2014 when the Corpus Christi chapter was launched by Steven Eiger. At that time Steven was a Sales Manager for the AT&T Business Call Centers and upon meeting him I could see that aura I was talking about. Steve was a Servant Leader with a determination to do good in the name of HACEMOS. His actions and interactions with others were those of a good human being. I knew soon after meeting him that I wanted to be a leader within HACEMOS.

HACEMOS is special to me based on a 40-year track record of giving back to the community, providing Latino students with scholarships, and working with AT&T leadership to maximize our efforts. I was immediately fortunate to be part of countless projects such as wheelchair ramp building, scholarship fundraising, and various donation drives. Within a few years, I was elected President of the Corpus Christi Chapter of HACEMOS and Steven was elected to the National Board. Both of us progressing through the leadership ranks within AT&T and continuing our mission of service.

Fast forward to present day, I now hold the office of Executive Vice President of Communications on the HACEMOS National Board and work as a Senior Specialist Talent Acquisition for AT&T. Steven remains a leader in HACEMOS and was promoted to AVP of Business Operations. As he continues, he makes positive momentum forward and as I follow his actions, I progress, too.

The Reward

David’s finished project

For me, the reward is the feeling I get knowing I am helping the world be a better place. I profit by increasing my understanding of leadership and being able to answer, “I stand for others, I stand for peace and love, I stand for you.”

My hope is that this blog may encourage people across the globe to volunteer and to choose an employee group or organization that most aligns with their cause. You can volunteer in many ways. There are even apps that allow a virtual volunteer experience, or you can volunteer at a local non-profit. The possibilities are endless, the opportunities are abundant.

Choose Service and you will be rewarded!

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