When David Bazan joined our team of Sales Representatives, Hurricane Harvey had just ripped through his area. Despite being new to the position, the call to action was clear: Go help our customers.

“For me, that meant connecting hotspots and ensuring customers had access to the services they needed in order to stay in the know,” David said. “It was not about closing deals; it was more about finding solutions that truly helped our customers.”

David comes from a long line of volunteers.  He remembers watching his grandmother serve her community any way she could – even after her retirement.  That spirit of service is just one reason why David continues his career in sales. Today, David embraces his role as a “servant leader”, someone who puts others before themselves regardless of their title. Through #LifeAtATT, he discovered a channel to give back, whether he is out in the field as a Sales Representative or volunteering as a member of the community.

Volunteering and Leadership

“There are countless ways to help others every day, so I make it a point to do that. When you do more for your community, you develop your potential as a true leader and individual of good character.”

Between our employee groups, company initiatives, and community outreach – there is no shortage of ways to volunteer through #LifeAtATT.  David organizes his events through HACEMOS, our Hispanic Employee Group. As Executive Vice President of Communications for HACEMOS, he aims not only to pay it forward for the community he grew up in, but also to spread the word that initiatives like scholarship programs, STEM days, and food drives are taking place.

“Partnering with internal organizations like AT&T Believes and AT&T Diversity & Inclusion helps us to synergize. For example, we recently hosted a scholarship fundraiser. At the end of the day, the funds we raised were matched by the AT&T Foundation.  How beautiful is that? Not only were we able to provide four scholarships, but I also connected with new customers throughout the day.”

Volunteering also means connecting with peers throughout the company, such as those working in other segments or leaders who can act as mentors. David can personally attest to how getting involved has helped him grow his business skills as a sales professional. For him, living #LifeAtATT is about recognizing how community involvement and personal growth can intersect towards a meaningful career.

“COVID threw a wrench in everything, but as we progress and unite, it’s going to be easier. A leader once asked me, ‘How can we make a lasting impact?’ and I thought, ‘We already are.  We just need more people to know about it.’  Anytime I do something, I recognize it as my #LifeAtATT and share it on my social media pages.

“It becomes who I am because my #LifeAtATT is my life: It’s full of positivity, it’s authentic, and it makes an impact on customers and my community.”

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