Schools, universities, and educators are searching for solutions to provide students with a reliable, connected learning environment. In the education space, this has been a known challenge, put front-and-center during the COVID-19 pandemic. AT&T’s response? Close the digital divide and work towards making broadband accessible and affordable to all Americans at school and in-home classrooms.

Our new Sales Education Organization is opening the door to making that goal a reality – everywhere students are ready to learn. We’re bringing together experts with a passion for technology and driven to transform education with the power of AT&T’s full line of services. Joining our Education Sales team will set a new course for students and the future of your career. Stephen Matherne, AT&T Area Vice President and leader within this new  organization, shared what possibilities these new options can bring.

“We’re working to consolidate all of AT&T’s various education efforts.” Stephen said. “It’s across the board – from K-12 to higher education. What’s new and different for us is starting this organization and making a tremendous investment in it; that can’t be undersold. Given the vast expanse of these markets, the roles will vary a good bit. What might be relevant for primary education students – younger kids – could be completely different from what’s suitable for high school or universities.”

Teaching and Tech

Members of our Education Sales Team work with customers to build a customizable technology tool kit that can go far beyond what competitors offer. Stephen noted that understanding what is not only available, but what is necessary are the keys to success.

“Our first focus is making certain kids can learn from home in a non-standard environment, then transforming the classroom environment that can take advantage of those same technological solutions. Higher education opens all sort of opportunities – such as emerging technology in 5G, EDGE computing, and deploying research environments for campuses and stadiums.”

“Ultimately, we are a sales organization. Meeting with educators and school officials – at a local, district, or even state level – and building those relationships will be critical for success.”

Get in on the Ground Floor of an Education Transformation

Success in our Education Sales Team is not just about selling a product – the team is passionate about making a real difference for communities and students through our tech capabilities and across the many levels of education. As a father himself, Stephen knows firsthand how the pandemic highlighted opportunities for transformation in how we teach and learn. He expects many other parents, educators, and students feel the same way.

“People are passionate about education because they can see the impact it has on the lives of others. For people who are both passionate about education as well as technology, this team is the perfect fit. As a result of our scale and commitment to the education space, we are able to help drive real transformation and ultimately make a difference.”

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