You’ve likely heard that there’s no such thing as a straight “path” when it comes to career growth. Few people are as familiar with the twists of that journey as our #WomensCareerChat participants. This open dialogue on Twitter welcomes all walks of life to share their thoughts on how they got to where they are today, the state of the workplace, and how it needs to evolve.

It was one of our busiest Twitter chats yet (and we’ve hosted a couple), so picking highlights was anything but easy. We encourage you to check out the feed to view the full conversation. See a sample of what participants shared as topics ranged from how they got started to adapting with unprecedented change:

We Asked: What was your first role in your industry? Why would you recommend this career path to other women interested in the field?

We Asked: Do you ever find the need to balance your “Work” personality vs. your “Authentic” personality?

We Asked: Many women work in a male-dominated field, who or what in your career has influenced and empowered you as a woman?

We Asked: With unprecedented changes to the workplace this past year, what has impacted you the most and what have you learned?

We Asked: What advances have you seen in gender equality and where do you see the most opportunity for future change?

We Asked: Through a poll, 40% of our Twitter followers answered that Problem Solving was their greatest strength in the workplace. What is your unique strength and how do you use it to overcome challenges?

We Asked: For some women, their biggest obstacle to career advancement is the first move up to manager, or the “broken rung.” What’s your advice for women looking to take that step?

We Asked: As we close out #WomensHistoryMonth, what is your hope, wish or advice for other women for this year?

A huge thank you to everyone who joined our #WomensCareerChat! We look forward to hearing more from those who participated and seeing where their careers take them next.

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