Man poses with medalsFinding community at a big company like AT&T with over 150,000 employees can be intimidating for newcomers. Yet, Thomas Yoo, Lead Service Manager for Customer Advocacy, reflects on finding his sense of belonging and shares some advice for others that he would have given himself when he first started.

“Back when I joined AT&T, we were called Pacific Bell in California. Because there was a need for bilingual team members, I was hired as a Customer Service Representative. Being from Korea, our culture, we just put our heads down and work hard. I didn’t really look for opportunities.”

Things started to change shortly into Thomas’ career when his first AVP introduced him to some of the leadership training programs that helped elevate his career. This experience was eye-opening for him, revealing all the possibilities AT&T has to offer. His teammates and leads were right there with him, helping him sharpen his skills to shine at his job and encouraging him to discover different paths within the company.

This sense of support and community not only opened new doors for Thomas, as he continued to navigate his career at AT&T, but it also inspired him to seek out our Employee Groups (EGs). Getting involved with InspirASIAN and through the insights of the executive leaders who support the EGs, Thomas unlocked a wealth of knowledge and tapped into avenues of personal growth.

Race team poses at eventThomas now serves on the board of InspirASIAN himself as the Southern California Chapter President. A position that allows him to actively give back to the same community that embraced him. One way he does that is by service as Dragon Boat Captain and Coach for InspirASIAN So Cal. Under Thomas’s guidance, the group participates in Dragon Boat Festivals twice per year. When he’s not helping customers or participating in events for the EGs, he competes with the Team USA Dragon Boat team, demonstrating his dedication to both excellence and community engagement.

Thomas truly shines as one of the most energetic and giving people, according to his peers. Drawing from the guidance he received throughout his career, he now offers his own insights for the younger generation looking to join AT&T.

“Don’t be afraid to learn about other departments and move around, join the EGs, participate, and network.

AND…If you are in Southern California, join my AT&T InspirASIAN Dragon Boat team.”

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