Looking for us? Map your trip to this address: 208 S Akard ST, Dallas TX 75202

Our Dallas headquarters helps our teams work better and faster, together. Using an open floor plan, creative spaces and the latest technology, we practice what we preach: AT&T is a company of innovators. Currently, hundreds of employees collaborate in spaces that encourage networking and connecting with teams in departments across the company. Their combined knowledge is what leads to new technology, products, and a work environment where careers continue growing.

Tech Tools

Dallas Employees

Technology changes how we work and play every day, so it’s only natural that we equipped our Dallas headquarters with the newest tools. It’s not just about finishing projects; understanding how our teams can learn through them can build foundations for great ideas. Technology, after all, can redefine how we share and create the next best thing. Features include:

  • Digital whiteboards that share what you draw to a larger screen. Great for mapping out projects (and sharing cat doodles).
  • Digital signage updating our people on the latest news, top performers, and what’s happening in #LifeAtATT.
  • Unassigned, universal workstations, allowing our teams to work wherever they want.
  • A dedicated video lab.

Our Space

cozy Dallas office space with couches

It can be easy to feel a little lost in a big crowd (or in this case, a big company). That’s why we built our office spaces to encourage collaboration through universal workstations. Universal workstations allow our people to work wherever they want – whether it’s at a traditional office desk, one of our work cafes, or a cozy couch facing the Dallas skyline. From technology wizards to sales experts, you never know who you might sit next to.

What’s Next?

Dallas Employees

Our headquarters is the heart of our company. We want it to be a place our people enjoy spending time at, even when the day ends. Enter the AT&T Discovery District, a transformation of our Downtown Dallas campus that will act as a premier entertainment and technology hub. Additions will include:

  • A state-of-the-art media wall, showcasing everything from digital art to movies.
  • On-site food hall and other restaurants, giving employees more options when they grab a quick bite to eat.
  • More seating and open spaces, perfect for informal meetings or just catching up.


Get an Inside Look at our HQ:

Comfortable places to do your work – or relax!

Virtual concierge to reserve meeting rooms.


Video lab to work on various projects.

Movable whiteboards to project your notes.

Open workspaces with natural light!

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