When our people aim to make an impact for a cause they believe in, they can overcome any barrier. That includes the many unique barriers that a year like 2020 brought into the fold. By sharing their success through #LifeAtATT, our people are showing how their dedication builds strong connections and encouraging others to do the same.

See some of the highlights they’ve shared throughout 2020 to show how they continue supporting their communities.

Believing at Home

Thanks to our AT&T Believes at Home initiative, over 900 employees volunteered over 3,000 hours to complete community projects from home in 2020. Many focused on gifting resources to students continuing their education.

Our HACEMOS employee group runs High Tech Days, where members introduce students to the world of STEM. Kids learned STEM fundamentals, and many participated in their first coding projects. Because High Tech Days were often held in the classroom, HACEMOS pivoted in 2020. To keep students and employees safe, volunteers assembled STEM kits at home before sending them across the country!

STEM kits weren’t the only materials our people put together. Employees that may have missed the first round of volunteering were able to put together handmade pouches filled with necessary school supplies. This effort reached far beyond our employee groups, even family members who wanted to make an impact joined in the effort.


Musical Memories

Live events were hit particularly hard by the pandemic, but that didn’t stop our musically inclined artists from finding new channels to hold shows of their own. With a strong connection and access to livestreaming, employee groups like InspirASIAN hosted at-home concerns to help raise funds for causes they believed in.

Local Dedication

As our people learned how to stay safe outside, they started delivering donations to help others in their communities to make an immediate difference. Food, clothing and even backpacks were just some of the items donated by our employees. Many wanted to show their appreciation to frontline workers, especially those currently working in hospitals, and have the opportunity to say “Thank you” in person. Employee groups joined in the effort where they could, organizing new events and over-achieving on their volunteering goals.

Be There, Make a Difference and Stand For Equality – these values are what drive the volunteering spirit for so many of our teams. The above highlight just a few ways our people are driving that positive change in their communities. Check out the #LifeAtATT feed on Twitter to see the latest and learn more about our values through the link below.

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